Black mirror: The National Anthem

In the first episode of the BBC series Black Mirror, the kidnappers of Princess Susannah, Duchess of Beaumont, pose a seemingly crazy demand requiring the UK’s Prime Minister to have a sexual intercourse with a pig live on the TV. It is, however, used in a very clever way to illustrate how media and politics […]

“Argo fuck yourself!”

Kept in the style of late 70s and early 80s, Argo tells a true story of a CIA operation of releasing American embassy employees in Iran, declassified in 1997 by President Clinton. The portrayal of the Department of State and the CIA’s administration back then, which might seem funny for us nowadays, is also an […]

Polish cinema abroad

10th Brussels Film Festival: “Courage” – a mini study of the state of masculinity in a contemporary society Although most reviews of Grzegorz Zglinski’s “Courage” shown during the 10th Brussels Film Festival underline the biblical dimension of the story and concentrate on the relationship between two brothers, my attention was strongest attracted by something else. Telling at the first […]

10th Brussels Film Festival

The 10th Brussels Film Festival started just last Friday. From the 8th to the 16th June, there will be over 50 movies screened in Flagey and BOZAR, including open air screenings on Place Sainte-Croix. European expats will also have the opportunity to take part in special evenings devoted to a chosen European country, when the […]